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Main Forum

This is the Xerte main forum section.
Are you supporting learners with disabilities? Get advice and ideas or report any problems.
Moderators: , Alistair McNaught
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Laatste bericht: 3.5 on a standalone ...
door Tom Reijnders
1 dag 22 uren ago
Report any technical problems you discover and discuss solutions.
Moderators: Julian Tenney, John Smith
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Laatste bericht: SSL Cert
door Ron Mitchell
1 dag 4 uren ago
This is the place for questions about learning design and pedagogy; how to use different page types for different purposes.
Moderators: Inge Donkervoort
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Laatste bericht: Check answer button ...
door Maria Lozano
3 weken 1 dag ago
The place for more technical questions for those who want to create new pagetypes or bespoke functionality.
Moderators: John Smith
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Laatste bericht: LTI integration with ...
door Tom Reijnders
2 weken 2 dagen ago
General questions and topics about Xerte Toolkits that don’t fit anywhere else.
Moderators: Inge Donkervoort
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Laatste bericht: LO html 5 export
door Ron Mitchell
1 dag 9 uren ago
Questions on getting Xerte Toolkits installed on your server and questions about authentication and user logins.
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Laatste bericht: Install error on MAM ...
door Tom Reijnders
2 dagen 2 uren ago
A forum for discussion of issues relating to MAXOS, a standalone distribution of Xerte Online Toolkits on a removable drive for Windows, which can be run without internet access or admin rights.
Moderators: Thomas Rochford
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Laatste bericht: Does MAXOS still exi ...
door Vicky Greaves
1 jaar 2 maanden ago
From installing or maintaining toolkits to creating bespoke page types, partnering bids or looking for workshops, this is a good place to ask your questions.
Moderators: Inge Donkervoort, John Smith
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Laatste bericht: How can I play my LO ...
door sushil kumar
2 maanden 3 weken ago
The place to suggest new features, page types or enhancements to Xerte Toolkits. In a volunteer community we can’t guarantee to fulfil specific requests but collecting ideas helps us evolve Toolkits.
Moderators: John Smith
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Laatste bericht: Quiz option to reins ...
door Candace Nolan-Grant
1 maand 6 dagen ago
Support for the WordPress plugin for the Xerte Online system is provided here - mostly installation problems and similar
Moderators: Pat
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Laatste bericht: plugin
door Priska
2 jaren 4 maanden ago
Foro de Xerte en español
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Laatste bericht: User Authentication ...
door Tom Reijnders
1 jaar 2 maanden ago
Dit is een Nederlandse categorie binnen dit forum.
Moderators: Inge Donkervoort, Katrien Bernaerts
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Laatste bericht: peer review
door Inge Donkervoort
5 maanden 1 week ago
Forklaring av forumet på Norsk.
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