This list of page type conversion will be kept up-to-date as additional page types are converted.


= Plays in the indicated player

  * = Contains Flash or other content that may not play on some devices

** = Doesn't currently play on Internet Explorer but works on other browsers

*** = upload .mp4 for HTML5 playback on iOS devices


Page Type Flash HTML 5   Page Type Flash HTML 5
Text       Charts    
Bullets Basic Chart**
Orientation Table
Plain Text Games    
Summary Hangman
Title Page Memory Game
Media       Interactivity    
Advanced Image Annotated Diagram
Audio Slideshow Button Sequence
Captivate Movie* Categories
Drawing Dialogue
Flash Animation* Drag and Drop Labelling
Flash Paper* Gap Fill
Graphics and Sound Hotspot Image
Image Viewer Interactive Diagram**
iSpring Movie* Interactive List
Jing Movie* Inventory
JMOL Viewer* Matching Texts
Morph Images Model Answer
Multiple Perspectives Model Answer Results
Raptivity SWF* Modify Exercise
Synched Video*** Multiple Choice Question
Transcript Reader Quiz
Video*** Stimulating Question
Xerte Content Timeline / Matching Pairs
Navigators       MISC    
Accrodian Navigator Delicious Bookmarks
Button Navigator Flickr Slideshow
Column Page GeoCommons Map*
Embed Content Google Map
Hyperlinks Mapstraction Map*
New Window QR Code
Slideshow RSS Feed
Tabbed Navigator Wikipedia Article
Tabbed Navigator + YouTube Feed
Thumnail Viewer YouTube Video
Hotspot Image Connector
Menu Connector
Multiple Choice Connector
Scenario Connector


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