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What is Xerte?

This wiki provides a resource for those creating web-based interactive learning materials using Xerte, a set of free open-source authoring tools that can be installed on a PC or a website. Learning Objects (LOs) authored in Xerte can be deployed for use by learners in a number of different ways, for example through an LMS, such as Blackboard or Moodle, or to a website.

Xerte comprises two main sets of tools;

  • Xerte Online Toolkit allows you to draw on a wide range of page types to create Learning Objects, presenting information using different media, creating interactive tasks with automated feedback, providing pathways through learning materials and tracking learner usage and performance.

  • Bootstrap Template allows you to create websites comprising one or more pages, with a menus allowing navigation at the website and page level. A range of different content and media can placed in different sections on a page, and pages (or whole LOs) can be embedded within sections.

Who will benefit from this wiki, and how?

What do I need to start working with Xerte?

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