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Xerte and your version

We aim to update the wiki 6 - 9 months after the release of each new version, and we will indicate which version we are consistent with in the wiki sidebar.

If you are using an older version, you may find;

  • some newer enhancements, properties or pages are not available to you
  • some properties or pages in older versions have been deprecated
  • some of the bugs in your earlier version are not mentioned in the wiki, because they have been resolved
  • …and there may even be a few bugs in the current version that don't apply to you!

If you are running a version which is two or more versions older than the latest one, we encourage you to consider updating, as it will make support from the Xerte community easier for you and your colleagues to manage. We believe it is extremely unlikely that we have deprecated properties or pages that you value - in most cases these have been deprecated because better ways to achieve desired outcomes are available elsewhere in Xerte.

Newer enhancements, properties and pages

We have only flagged up new features in the wiki, if it would be confusing not to. For example, where the wording of a Tooltip has been made clearer, we have not flagged this up, but we have flagged up that the new icon at the top of each page in the authoring interface, taking you to to the relevant wiki page, is new in 3.12.

If you are running an older version, the best way to understand what you are missing is to go to the Xerte Release Notes, and look at all the pages for versions later than the one you are running. This will help you to decide whether it makes sense to upgrade to a more recent version!

Deprecated properties and pages

Follow these links for descriptions and guidance;

Your feedback

We recognise that decisions about changes or deprecation may not suit all Xerte users, but we would welcome feedback on new releases, which you can post through the Developers area in the Xerte Forum.

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