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Charts > Table

A page for creating and displaying a table.

Example demo

or view at Xerte Page Types > Charts: Table (opens in new tab).

Editor Interface


Top Level: Core Properties

Property Description Type Additional information
Page Title Text that appears in header of published page Text
Page Text Content that appears in the left pane or at the top of the page (depending on Align Text - see below) Text+ (Toolbar) Use this to give the context or instructions for the task. Other content (e.g. images, audio, video) can be embedded here.
Align Text Swaps round the right and left panes {Left/Right} Drop- down

There are no page-specific Optional Properties at this level of the project, but there are for the Table Data (see below).

See the General Optional Properties page for information on other optional properties.

There are no Language Options for this page type.

You do not have to add an item to enter the table data or design its appearance. Instead, you need to go to the project structure pane, open up the structure for the page and select the bullet point. Here is an example from the Xerte Page Types demo.


Table Data: Core Properties

Property Description Type Additional information
Table Name A title that is displayed above the data. Text
Chart data Enter the labels and the data here. Table
Table Appearance: Size Sets the size of the table {Small/Medium/Large/Full screen} Drop down
Table Appearance: Borders Sets the table borders {None/Full grid/Simple/Horizontal only/Vertical only/Outside border} Drop down Simple adds bold horizontal lines at the top and bottom of the table, and a horizonal line below the header.
Table Appearance: Header/Footer Rows {None/Header/Footer/Both} Drop down This does not add any rows, but simply relates to any shading of the 1st or 2nd rows that you choose to add (see below)
Table Appearance: Shade Header/Footer Shades any row you have marked as a header or footer (see above) Tick box Shades in light blue
Table Appearance: Shade Alternate Rows Shades alternate rows Tick box Shades in light green

Table Data: Optional Properties

Property Description Type Additional information
CSV: File Upload here, through Media Browser, a .csv file, instead of entering data manually. Link to Media Browser Excel files can be saved as .csv files
CSV: Delimiter If you know the delimiter used in the .csv file select it here. If not choose Comma and change to Semicolon if the table does not display properly in preview {Comma/Semicolon}. Drop down
Footnote This adds a footnote below the table, e.g. to cite the source of the data. Text
Summary Enter a summary of the table contents for accessibility. Text
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