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Interactivity > Documentation > Nested Page > New Editable Table

This Documentation page feature, at the Nested Page level, adds a table. If an author types text into a cell, this cannot be edited by the learner in Xerte, but any empty cells are displayed as text-entry areas into which learners can enter responses. In the downloaded Word document, the learner can edit the whole table.

Example demo

There is an example of an Editable Table on Nested Page 3 of this demo. In this example there are only two columns, but you can add columns, and any cell in any column can be a text-entry cell. If you complete all the Nested Pages, you can then download the content as a Word document to assess how it displays.

Core properties

Property Description Type Additional information
Table Title Adds a title in bold, just above any text you add (see row below) before the table Text
Text Text you can add just above the table Text+ (Toolbar) Use this to give the context or instructions for the task. Other content (e.g. images, audio, video) can be embedded here.
Table Data This is where you add rows and columns to your table, and where you enter and edit text in cells. Table editor The Table Editor works in the same way as for the Sortable Grid page type in Interactivity.

Optional Properties

Property Description Type Additional information
Empty Cell Markup This allows you to leave a cell empty, but not editable by the learner. Add the Optional Property and then type [empty] in the appropriate cells in the table editor. Markup
Exclude From Allows you to hide this task (Title, Text, Check Box) either so that it does not appear to the learner at all, or so that it appears to the learner in the Learning Object, but not in the download. The second option is the default {Learning Object/Documentation} Drop-down
Required Field This tick box prevents the learner from moving to the next form field or to download, unless they have entered text in all editable cells. Tick box
Text Area Lines Sets the number of lines in the editable cells, as they display to the learner before any interaction. Number scroll The learner can also expand an editable cell by using the grab handle

Language Option

Property Description Type Additional information
Not Answered Text The text that is displayed in the Word document download if the learner leaves a cell empty. Text Default - “Not answered”

Further information

The checked box icon on the Xerte page is represented by text (Checked/Unchecked) in the Word document. You may want to change this text to Yes/No on the Language Options, particularly if the associated text is a Yes/No question.

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