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Media Browser

Media files (audio, video, images) have to be uploaded into Xerte and then embedded into the right place in projects. This is done through Media Browser, which provides a way of managing these assets.

The different files are shown as thumbnails, which helps you quickly identify specific images, and distinguish them from audio, video or PDF files. If you expect to upload many files it is helpful to have a clear naming strategy to help you find them quickly.

Media browser window.

Uploading media to Xerte

xerte-mediabrowsericon.jpgWhen you are authoring in a Xerte page, the Import Media button takes you into the Media Browser.

xerte-mediabrowser-browse.jpgThe Browse Server button also takes you to the Media Browser. You would typically see this when you have clicked on Image or Insert HTML5 audio from a text editor menu. In addition, if you record and upload some audio within the Xerte authoring interface, this is automatically saved in Media Browser.

Upload to media browser.You then need to upload the media files. Click on the Upload files button and select the files you want. You can save time by uploading multiple files at the same time; if you organise your resources in folders on your PC (or web-based storage) this makes it easier to select and load multiple files.

The files will then appear in the Media Browser workspace, and you click on a file to add it in the location you have chosen. If you have uploaded all the media files for your project in one go, then the next time you add media in another location, you do not need to upload again.

Other Media Browser features

  • You can create folders to organise the files (e.g. Images, Audio, Files etc). Right-clicking on a folder gives you some additional options.
  • You can also right-click on a file for additional options (Rename, Delete, Duplicate etc) but also:
    • Image file: Preview, Resize and Rotate, Get info (to find the specific URL for the item)
    • Stylesheet: Edit file (where you can edit a CSS file directly)
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