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Project Settings

Project Settings sit at the top of the Project Structure, and when you create an empty project, this is the first screen you see before you start adding pages.

The settings you apply here relate to all pages in the project, and specifically to how the learning object displays to learners and the options they have for navigation through it.

Editor Interface



Title Description Type Additional information
Learning Object Title Text that appears in header of published page, above the Page Title Text By default, this displays in a significantly smaller font size than the Page Title, but you can change this if you want
Navigation {Linear/Historic/Menu/Menu with Page Controls/Linear with historic back buttons} Drop-down Linear displays menu icon, forward and back buttons. Historic displays home button, forward and back buttons (no menu). Menu displays menu when learning object is opened, and afterwards a menu icon is available (no forward and back buttons). Menu with Page controls displays menu plus forward and back buttons. in Linear with historic back buttons the back button takes the learner to the page visited before the current one.
Default Text Size This is the font size any text displays in, unless you have specifically selected a different text size in an editor. Drop-down Default - “12”
Language This sets the language used to in the tooltips and the Accessibility pop-up. Drop-down
Theme This defines the page background colour, header and footer design, and default fonts for the project. A thumbnail below gives a general impression of how each theme displays to learners. Drop-down There are too many options to list here. The thumbnails will help you to decide which one you want for your project, but themes impact in different ways on display, and you need to preview all pages to understand these impacts.
Display Mode {Fixed Size/Fill Window} Drop-down In general, Fill Window is the better option to choose.
Responsive Text If you tick this box, then the text adapts to the screen dimensions of the device the learning object is viewed on. Tick box

See Project Level Optional Properties for more settings and features you can add.

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