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Sharing projects and folders

Xerte makes working collaboratively easy to manage, with different levels of access and editing rights to protect your work. There are a number of ways in which you can;

  • work collaboratively on projects
  • gift projects for others to adapt to their own needs
  • share folders.

Sharing a project

xerte-project-properties3.jpgYou can make a colleague a Co-author or Editor for a project, or grant Read-only access. This is explained in detail in the Shared settings section on the Project Properties wiki page.

Gifting a project

You can also gift a copy of a project to a colleague, which allows them to adapt the project to their own needs. This is explained in detail in the Give this project section on the Project Properties wiki page.

Sharing a folder (new feature in Release 3.12)

You can share a folder with one or more colleagues, enabling you manage a set of projects you are working on as a team.

  1. In the Workspace, highlight the folder that you want to share, and click on the orange ‘i’ icon
  2. Click on the Shared settings tab
  3. Start typing in the name of a person you want to share the folder with
  4. If that person has an account in the installation, their full name will be auto-suggested.
  5. Click on Add user to add them
  6. Choose their role from the radio buttons (see Shared settings on the Project Properties wiki page for information on roles)
  7. Repeat this step for all the other people you want to share the folder with.

Here are a few points related to permissions to bear in mind;

  • Only the Creator (or owner) can create sub-folders within the shared folder.
  • Only the Creator and Co-author(s) can create new projects in the shared folder.
  • The Creator, Co-author(s) and Editor(s) can all edit existing projects.
  • The Creator of a shared folder can drag a sub-folder out of a shared folder and move it back in their own (unshared) workspace. This will 'unshare' all projects contained within the sub-folder.
  • When a Co-author is unshared from the shared folder, any projects that they have created of is moved to their workspace; all users lose access to those projects.
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