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Text+ (Toolbar)

Most of the editing and formatting of text is done in boxes we have labelled Text+. Many of the features available are similar to those in word-processing software such as Word (e.g. bold, italics, underlining, bullet points, indenting). On this page we have picked out some of the features which may be less familiar, but which are particularly helpful.

You may have text prepared in another format (for example in Word) that you want to paste into the Text+ window. If so, it is always better to paste it into Notepad (or TextEdit for Mac users) and then copy and paste it into Xerte, because this will strip out any formatting that may cause display issues. You may have to put back the formatting you wanted to keep, but it will avoid potential problems.

Top row

Top row of toolbar.

xerte-texteditor-source.jpgDisplays the content in the source code format. If you are familiar with HTML, you will be able to edit here, in particular to solve formatting issues or insert embed codes. If you are not familiar with HTML, it is definitely worth learning the basic principles and the code needed to resolve the most common issues. To learn the basics, you can visit this HTML Tutorial resource.

When you go into the source code this reveals a menu of 5 additional features, which we have not described here.

xerte-texteditor-accessibility.jpgProvides an automated check for accessibility. It does not guarantee to identify all accessibility issues, but will, for example identify issues round use of headings and paragraphing to optimise effective screen-reading.

xerte-texteditor-pasteastext.jpgPastes copied text as unformatted text. This is generally a better option than pasting from Word (see below).

xerte-texteditor-pasteasword.jpgPastes text copied from Word and preserves the formatting.

xerte-texteditor-find.jpgSearch for a specific word or string of characters.

xerte-texteditor-replace.jpgSearch for a specific word or string of characters, and replace it with with another word or string of characters.

Second row

Second row of toolbar

xerte-texteditor-ruby.jpgAdds “ruby text”, typically phonemic transcriptions displayed in small letters just above the text they refer to.

xerte-texteditor-copyformatting.jpgCopies formatting from selected text, which can then be applied to another section of text.

xerte-texteditor-removeformatting.jpgRemoves formatting from selected text.

xerte-texteditor-addlink.jpgAdds a link to a URL or email address, which can appear in the same window, a new window, or (if the destination page permits) opens in a lightbox.

xerte-texteditor-removelink.jpgRemoves a link.

xerte-texteditor-pagelink.jpgAdds a link to another page in the Xerte project.

Third row

Third row of toolbar.

xerte-texteditor-styles.jpgAdds styles to the selected text (e.g. speech bubbles, panels, or side-highlighting etc.) and is a useful option for formatting text quickly, and it is worth experimenting with.

xerte-texteditor-format.jpgFormats the selected text as a normal (paragraph text) or as a heading.

xerte-texteditor-font.jpgChanges the font type.

xerte-texteditor-size.jpgChanges the font size.

Fourth row

Fourth row of toolbar.

xerte-texteditor-fontcolourjpg.jpgChanges the colour of the font for selected text.

xerte-texteditor-backgroundcolour.jpgChanges the colour of the background to selected text.

xerte-texteditor-expand.jpgMaximises the text editor so it fills the entire window.

xerte-texteditor-blocks.jpgShows Blocks which highlights the HTML used to build the page. Can be helpful for those who understand the underlying HTML source code.

xerte-texteditor-addimage.jpgEmbeds either an image on another website (via a URL) or an image that you upload to the Media Browser.

xerte-texteditor-addmedia.jpgEmbeds media content from a supported site (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr).

xerte-texteditor-insertcodesnippet.jpgEnables you to add code snippet, and when a programming language is chosen, it displays in the formatting style of that language.

xerte-texteditor-fontawesome.jpgInserts Font Awesome characters.

xerte-texteditor-insertsound.jpgEmbeds audio either from another website (via a URL) or uploaded as MP3 into Media Browser.

xerte-texteditor-recordaudio.jpgEnables you to record audio and deploy it, all within Xerte.

xerte-texteditor-maths.jpgCreates mathematical formulae, in TeX, AsciiMath or MathML.

xerte-texteditor-flash.jpgThis feature is deprecated.

xerte-texteditor-inserttable.jpgInserts a non-interactive table.

xerte-texteditor-horizline.jpgInserts a horizontal line across the page or panel.

xerte-texteditor-specialcharacter.jpgInserts a special character (e.g. fractions, European language characters with accents)

xerte-texteditor-iframe.jpgInserts an iframe, which allows permissable web content to be displayed inside the Xerte page.

xerte-texteditor-smiley.jpgInserts an emoticon/smiley/sticker.

Bottom Row

Bottom row of toolbar.

xerte-texteditor-columns.jpgPuts the selected text into columns.

xerte-texteditor-blockquote.jpgPuts the selected text into quotation marks.

xerte-textedior-lefttoright.jpgProduces text left to right (default for European language).

xerte-textedior-lefttoright.jpgProduces text right to left (e.g. for Arabic).

xerte-text-editor-setlanguage.jpgSets language.

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