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Getting started with Xerte

Xerte is a free and open source web server based authoring tool. Once you have access to an online installation you can start authoring interactive and accessible e-learning content. If you can complete an online form then you can use Xerte!

Xerte offers a quick way for people with limited technical skills to create engaging, accessible and media rich resources. However those with more specialised skills can also use the tool and really exploit and extend the possibilities. Xerte also provides for collaborative authoring where (if required) teachers or subject matter experts, developers, designers and even learners can all work together on the same tool and even the same projects.

How you start with Xerte potentially depends on who you are - so we've prepared a quick overview for different roles in an organisation. Click on any of the accordion tabs below to get the overview most suited to your role.
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Whatever your role there is a route to getting started with Xerte - after which you will never look back!

Xerte is used by thousands of different users across the world but once you have begun your journey and discovered all the benefits that Xerte provides you'll see why it's often referred to as the best kept secret in the world of e-learning!

You will need access to a Xerte installation to get started so contact the relevant people/person in your organisation (e.g. IT team) if your organisation doesn't already have one set up.

If you are an indivudual or an organisation seeking commercial support with Xerte then see the commercial support info in the accordian pane of our support and guidance page.

Select the role below that best fits you for further information about getting started with Xerte.


Xerte enables teachers with limited IT experience to create rich and interactive resources for learners. By being web-based, learners can access the resource out of lessons / lectures and even on their mobile phones. This supports learners by giving them any time / any place access to your resources. If internet availability is limited, any learning objects you create can be exported for local use via USB sticks or CD-ROMs.

See our Getting Started: Xerte Basics guide for help creating your first Xerte project.

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