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Tuesday, 21 June 2016 19:18

Insegna cosi impari

Written by Inge Donkervoort
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Image Insegna cosi impari Image Insegna cosi impari

This project involves first year students of Italian in peer-teaching activities in which they are asked to teach certain grammar topics to their classmates. Working in small groups they create Xerte content objects, using several page types and including media, audio-visual materials and texts.

Additional Info

  • Used pagetypes: Text: bullets, plain text, summary, title page
    Media: Advanced image, Image viewer
    Navigators: Accordion, Button, Column page, Tabbed Navigator, Thumbnall Viewer.
    Interactivity: Button S., Categories, D&D Labelling, Gap Fill, Hotspot Im., Interactive list, Matching Texts, Model A., Multiple Choice, Quiz, Timeline Matching Games: Memory
  • Flash/html5: HTML5
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike
  • User: Beginner
  • How this LO add value for my learners?: This project offers our students a more engaging approach to grammar: they become creators of brand new lessons that include different kinds of teaching activities, exercises and grammar explanations. In so doing, they practise all their language skills, as this work includes written and oral/aural production. They become more actively involved in the class thanks to an improved lesson structure and the interactive aspects of the software, which increases students' motivation and gives them higher stakes in and more ownership of their learning process. Furthermore, they improve their subject knowledge while also acquiring new IT and transferable skills. Last but not least, this encourages independent study.
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